FAQ's on Succulent

When to Plant & Take Care of the Propagated Leaves?

Can I Plant Whole Mother Leaf Initially During Propagation?

Where Exactly Should I Plant My Plant After Propagating After Some Days?

How Do I Water Baby Succulents During Propagation Stage?

Can I Propagate Succulents Indoors?

Pot Requirements and Damp Soil?


Propagation is one of the natural growing processes all the plants follow and beautiful succulents are no exception.

This is the easiest and most simple way of growing succulents in your beautiful outdoor or indoor garden

If you come a long way until this point means, you have already completed the most difficult part of this process which is extracting or getting the ‘rosettes’!

Soil or mother of roots (I used to call it when I started my journey with succulents), has a vital role to play.

This is the medium where the plant gets necessary nourishment such as much-needed nutrition and a source of water.

When roots or the lower portion of the roots start hiding in soil, it is a clear sign that your succulent is searching for water.

You got to help succulents by watering properly, this way soil inside the pot will stay damp.

Furthermore, as time will pass, you will see the baby leaves are growing and the mother leaves are nourishing its baby leaves; however, mother leaf will eventually die or dry out.

Don’t be scared! This is completely normal; baby leaf will get separated from its mother leaf and it is on its own to bloom and set a beautiful smile on your face.

Once this growth phase of succulents is completed, the next important step is to find a proper pot or a spot in your garden to plant.

Remember, please take this step if the baby plant has well-rooted and has appropriate growth.

If you prefer to move succulents indoors or outdoor based upon your preferences or season; I would suggest planting it in the pot which must have water draining holes on the sides or bottom of the pot.

I hope this will help you to clear your queries regarding propagation from leaves. If you have any further questions on your mind please hit the contact page and send you all the questions to us. We will be more than happy to answer as soon as possible. Happy Gardening! Cheers!!


Hi there! By profession I am a Mechanical Engineer; though, I have a keen interest in gardens, plants and succulents. I hope you like my articles on beautiful succulents and plants. Happy  Gardening!!!