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31 Simple & Easy Mehndi Designs Anyone Can Try 2022

Looking for Simple & Easy Mehndi Design as a beginner? Here I have listed the most delicate and easy to design mehndi ideas for you.

Women love mehndi and festive seasons are also incomplete without mehndi designs but everyone is not master in designing or everyone is not an artist who can bring perfect mehndi designs on other’s hands or on their own hands.

I was looking for simple but easy mehndi designs which I can draw quickly on my hand without any stress before the night of my brother’s wedding and the main thing I was expecting mehndi design should be as easy as to make as I consider myself a beginner in this art.

When I searched for mehndi design ideas on google then I found the most impressive design but they are just way out of my hand. As a beginner or lacking in mehndi experience, I just wanted simple, easy and gorgeous mehndi design.

After a lot of search and scroll, I ended up on one of the easy mehndi designs and then tried it on my hand.

There are a lot of girls who may be finding themselves in the same condition when comes to mehndi design because not everybody is perfect in mehndi, you need a lot of practice to become excellent.

Also during the festive season, not everybody can afford to hire a mehndi designer. So we need to draw on our own and here, by understanding the pain point of a beginner I am listing the most appealing and easy mehndi design ideas for you all.

31 Simple & Easy Mehndi Designs Anyone Can Try

1 . Easy Circle Mehndi Designs

Simple mehndi design ideas

Image Source: @mehendigallery

This is the easiest mehndi design idea you can try if you are far away from designing mehndi. Yes, because this design shown in the image is most basic and beginner-friendly, anyone can simply make this design on hand. You can give variations into the design if want, but I like the way the artist pictured this design because it’s a really easy one and it seems so impressive.

2 . Easy to Draw Mehndi Idea

Simple mehndi

Image Source: @mehendi_by_debismita

So here I am starting with the most basic mehndi designs because I don’t want to frighten you with those heavy designs. Alright, in the above image artist shows easy to make mehndi design you should surely give it a try. Here are a few patterns in the above design are may be new to you but try it on paper first then draw it on your hand, it will give you the confidence to make a perfect mehndi design.

3. Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

easy mehndi

Image Source: Pinterest

The design shown in the above image is called Arabic mehndi design. Maybe it’s looking like a tough design but trust me it’s not that tough. Try this design with pen and paper first then follow it on your hand. To become good in mehndi design first rule is ‘Practise’. So practice as much as you can on paper first, defiantly end result of your creation will amaze you.

4 . Easy & Full Hand Arabic Mehndi

easy Arabic mehndi design

Image Source: @fashion_clock5

This full-hand Arabic mehndi is literally full of different patterns. You can see in the above image, there are a number of variations in patterns but the filler design in most patterns is the same. So here is a trick, practice more and more patterns to become a good mehndi artist. If you like this design then surely give try also the original artist behind this beautiful mehndi design has a Youtube channel also, visit here channel if you want to learn more mehndi designs.

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5. Easy Backhand Mehndi

easy back hand mehndi

Image Source: @fashion_clock5

One more very simple mehndi design by the same artist is shown in the above image. Though its backhand mehndi design, there are no such limitations. If you like this design and want to try it on the front hand then go for it. Again if you want to prepare this design then I will suggest trying it on paper first then drawing it on hand.

6 . Simple Front Hand Mehndi Design

simple front hand mehndi design

This is one of the simple and most gorgeous mehndi designs on this list. Just follow the patterns as shown in the above image and fill the blank area. So here once you wash this design after it dries out, that filled/darken area will give extra look to your mehndi design. I like the floral design between the darkened area and the way they placed on the entire hand, it gives weight to the design.

7. Very Easy Front Hand Mehndi

easy mehndi on hand

You need really creative if you want to become a great mehndi artist and for that practice more and more designs. The design shown in the above image is truly simple which has only one pattern but the creative way the artist follows here is really appreciated. You can draw letters as well into those black circles.

8. Simple & Beautiful Backhand Mehndi

back hand mehndi

You can try this mehndi design on the front hand also. If you look carefully the same pattern of design is repeated twice in full mehndi design. Also not necessary to draw the same design flow here, you can make your additions also. Try more and more additional patterns and designs, and look how they look, that’s the only way to learn mehndi design and become perfect in it.

9. Small Mehandi Design

small mehndi

The design shown in the above image is a small but sweet mehndi design. You have an option to have this design on the back as well as on the front hand or you can try this on your legs too. Don’t forget to add those dots shown in the above design as they are giving nicer look to this simple mehndi design.

10. Beautiful Small Mehndi Design

beautiful mehndi design

Here you need little practice to draw this mehndi design perfectly on hand. You can add this design with other patterns also and can draw a nice and full mehndi design.

11. Beautiful Mehndi Designs Ideas

easy floral mehndi for girl

Look at this beautiful design shown in the above picture. This mehndi design is not that easy to make for beginners, but you can practice the different patterns shown in the design multiple time. After a few attempts, you will get success in such complex patterns so practice is a must in mehndi design learning.

12. Mehndi Design Simple and Beautiful

mehndi design simple and beautiful

Image Source: @henna_by_sadhana

This is a beautiful full hand mehndi design that looks so elegant. Such designs are not for beginners but we can take some pattern ideas from such complex designs during the learning stage.

13. Simple Mehndi Design for Front Hand

simple mehndi design for front hand

Image Source: @hennawithhayat

How beautifully this design is made by henna with Hayat, I really liked her work. She is a great henna design artist. You can take inspiration from this design and make your own version of the creative design.

14. Easy Mehndi Design

simple mehndi design for girl
Image Source: @hennablogger_2
One more tip I forgot to mention before, to make such complex and beautiful designs you need perfect fine tip mehndi cone. You can get such fine tip cones into the market or you can make them for yourself. Use such mehndi cones during the practice of your mehndi designs, so you will get such fine and sharp mehndi patterns and you will become an expert.

15. Full Front Hand Mehndi Design

full front hand mehndi design

Image Source: @hennablogger_2

This full hand mehndi design is full of fine and sharp details of designs. Learn to draw different patterns like shown in the above figures. Learn to draw all types of patterns such as floral, heart shape, peacock shape, polka dots, four leaves, mandalas, etc.

16. Simple Henna Design Ideas

This is the easiest henna design with peacock, flower, and leaves patterns.

17. Front Hand Easy Henna Mehndi

front hand easy mehndi

Image Source: @mehndi1166

This is a very simple henna design even beginners can get perfect and this design is simple to draw but it has a very classy appearance.

18. Easy Mehndi Front Hand

easy mehndi front hand
Image Source: @mehndi1166
This most beautiful mehndi design gives an extremely rich and classy appearance to hand. This is a very creative pattern which you need a little practice to create but when you get this design you will fall in love with your achievement.

19. Easy Floral Mehndi Design

easy floral mehndi design
I believe this is the simplest floral mehndi design with only two patterns. All you have to do is arrange a few flowers, dots and petals that will make your mehndi look glorious.

20. Simple Mehndi Design

easy & beautiful mehndi for girl
Image Source: @kayafashion27
This stunning & beautiful mehndi design is by kayafashion. Such bridal mehndi designs are very popular these days and with continued practice and learning, you will surely design such bridal designs.

21. Bridal Mehndi Deisgn
easy & beautiful mehndi
This is also front hand bridal mehndi design full of different flowers, leaves, geometric patterns, and shapes, etc.

22. Easy Peacock Mehndi Design

 easy peacock mehndi design
Image Source: @kayafashion27
This is a most precious peacock mehndi design by kayafashion, she defiantly has a good collection of mehndi designs. This peacock pattern is really impressive and it’s filled with petals and flowers. You need to learn to draw the outline of every pattern then you can fill them using different lines, circles, dots, etc.

23. Bridal Full Hand Beautiful Mehndi

easy full hand beautiful mehndi
The lotus pattern in this mehndi design is the coolest and most artistic. If you first learn how to draw different floral patterns, you can make your mehndi look more open by giving maximum variations in a single mehndi design.

24. Simple Mehndi Pattern

easy floral mehndi design

25. Floral Mehndi Design for backhand

floral mehndi design
This is one more simple backhand mehndi design with a combination of different floral patterns. You can draw this mehndi design also on the front hand.

26. Backhand Mehndi Design Idea

floral mehndi design idea
Even this mehndi design is small but it’s looking so beautiful just because of the combination of flowers, dots, and petal vines.

27. Easy Backhand Mehndi Idea

floral mehndi design idea (1)
Make an outline of all shapes given in the above image such as half and full circles, peacocks, flowers, etc, and fill them with verticle lines.

28. Beautiful Mehndi Designs

beautiful mehndi designs
Image Source:  @poonam.hennaartist
The dark appearance of the above design is looking great on hand. Otherwise, this is one more simple design with similar shapes with verticle lining filling.

29. Beautiful Backhand Henna Designs

beautiful mehndi designs (1)
If you are a beginner then you should practice this traditional mehndi art design.

30. Easy Mehndi Designs

beautiful mehndi designs (2)
If you have no time and patience then give it a try to this simple and easy mehndi design.

31 Beautiful Floral Mehndi Designs

easy mehndi designs
This is the last on the list of 31 mehndi design ideas. But for inspiration of mehndi designs sky is just a limit.
To learn Mehndi, Mehndi artists upload many such designs on social media. In this list, I have given only 31 mehndi designs which are not difficult at all and which can be easily drawn by any new learner.
I think it takes constant practice to become an expert in any skill. With constant practice, you can easily make even complex bridal mehndi designs. Practice as many patterns as you can and try to create cool mehndi designs by developing your own creative patterns.


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