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Top 7 Plant Grow in Water USA 2021

What Plants Can Grow in Water?

Indoor gardens are immensely close to many hearts around the world, and the majority of them are looking for beautiful plants to grow in water.

The good news is your search ends here!

To begin with, the plants which I am going to explain to you are so easy to cultivate and not required a single ounce of soil. 

YES, you read it right.

Here is the list of 7 plants that grow in water without soil.

These species of plants are not only beautiful but they can set a wonderful look to your indoor necessities such as living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and your preferred indoor places.

Also as I mentioned earlier, these indoor plants that grow in water are easy to maintain as you just need to take care of water and that’s it your plant will go higher and higher.

Advantages of plants that live in water

Let’s discuss few advantages of growing plants in water for some of our friends who are still confused about water plants over soil-based plants.

There is a number of points based on I must admit growing plant in water is actually indoor gardening friendly and a few of them are listed below:

  1. Less care/ Low Maintenance: No need to keep eye on regular watering like soil-based plants. Most of the Water growing plants are carefree for a week once you change the water.
  2. Fewer Pests/Plant Bugs: As we know pests keep their eggs in the soil of indoor plants. Here in water-based plants no need to worry about pests.
  3. Less mess: Many times we notice while watering our indoor plant that excess water is coming out from the drainage hole. Also, there is always a bit of soil scattered around pots of the indoor plants which we need to clean out every time when our dear pets are in a playing mood.  
  4. More baby plants: we can grow a number of baby plants from one mother plant and the process is way simpler. Many water-based indoor plants propagate from stem or leaf cuttings, just place a cutting in water and that’s it. You can grow as many as cuttings u want. 

What kind of Plant Grow in Water?

There are many houseplants you can grow in water for indoor gardening. Below is a list of the most popular 7 plants grow in water with low maintenance:

                1. Philodendron

                2. Lucky Bamboo

                3. Pothos

                4. Chinese Evergreen

                5. Spider Plant

                6. Wandering Jew

                7. Croton

1. Philodendron

plants grow in water

One of the best and easily adaptable plants to grow in water is the Heart shaped-leaf plant which can easily propagate in only water.

Its botanical name is ‘Philodendron’.

In order to cultivate this plant, choose a pot/glass container or glass jar planter which you are going to use for the plantation of Philodendron, make sure that the selected pot has at least 6-inches of depth.

Long cuttings of the plant leave it in the Jar or container and see growing philodendron in water instantly.


Water: With reference to the water replacement schedule, 3-4 days shall be replaced with fresh water.

Cutting Size: 6 inches from the end of the mother plant

Light: The most suitable place for this plant is where enough direct or filtered sunlight is available. I used to keep my plant nearly bedroom windows or living hall widows.

Pro Tip: Addition of Charcoal in water will definitely save your plant from rotting and algae formation problem.

2. Lucky Bamboo

plants to grow in water

As the name implies, it is extremely lucky for me since I was brought into my personal garden; since then, my life is only glowing and shinning.

It is famous for its forgiving nature and best known for its ability to grow in water.

Its botanical name is ‘Dracaena Sanderiana’. Container/pot for lucky bamboo shall be selected Narrow in shapes which can help the root of the plant to properly submerge into the water all the time.

In addition to this add some gravels or ovel shaped (white) rocks for appropriate placement and it will add glance to the small décor area.

Water: Replace the water every week which is ideal for Lucky Bamboo.

Light: Direct and In-direct (Filtered sunlight) shall be suitable for Lucky Bamboo.

Pro Tip: As this plant grows so fast, proper supporting shall be the best idea to support the plant.


which plant grow in water

Pothos is the best easy to grow the plant in water and it’s maintenance-free.

The most attractive part of this water plant is the heart-shaped leaves, and the majority of the people love this plant for this only reason.

It just looks perfect in any type of bedroom decor. Its botanical name is ‘Epipremnum Aureum’.

The cascading nature of growing leaves of this water plant really looks amazing and showcases the bright and wide foliage.

Water: Try to change the water every week.

Cutting Size: take a cutting from beneath of leaf node where you notice a brown bump on the stem. ( take stem with minimum 3 nodes)

Light: Direct sunlight will be ideal for the plant.

Pro Tip: Replacing water every 2-3 days would help to keep oxygen levels at optimum level, and you will notice the growth specifically the color of the heart-shaped leaves will bright green.

4. Chinese Evergreen

plants that grow in water

Silver -green colored leaves with light deep spots on leaves set this plant different look-wise as compared to other plants in this list.

Its botanical name is ‘Aglaonema and Dieffenbachia’.

This plant shall be propagating in water with the help of cuttings. Suspend the cuttings into the water, once the roots start to germinate add some small aquariums rocks (you can easily find them in any nearby supermarkets).

After 2 to 3 months the roots start to get bigger in size which needs to shift this plant from the water to real soil. However, during the first phase of growth, you can keep this plant in only water and use it as an indoor plant.

Definitely, you should consider this easy-growing plant in water as a part of your home decor.

Water: With reference to the water replacement schedule, 3-4 days shall be replaced with fresh water.

Cutting Size: 6 inches from the end of the mother plant to the end of the spring

Light: The most suitable place for this plant is where enough direct or filtered sunlight is available.

Pro Tip:While transferring from the water to soil, make sure that soil is properly sanitized in order to avoid any kind of rotting issues at roots. Best practice for watering is Soak and Dry method after planting in to the soil.

5. Spider Plant

can plant grow in water

As the name suggests it looks like a beautiful spider but in the form of a green plant.

These species of plants look very interesting due to their narrow arching Foliage.

Its botanical name is ‘Chlorophytum Comosum. This plant can be cultivated in the water Jar (Use a big narrow jar) or in the soil once they rooted properly.

Water: With reference to the water replacement schedule, 2 days shall be replaced with fresh water.

Cutting Size: 5 to 6 inches, just below the node

Light: Direct or filtered sunlight will be ideal for the Spider Plant.

6. Wandering Jew

plant in water

This plant required hot weather for its proper growth, and they are very tough in nature.

Its botanical name is ‘Tradescantia pallia’.

The purple-green colored and variegated leaves make them ideal for houseplants.

Water: Replace the water every week which is ideal for Wandering Jew.

Cutting Size: 4-6 inches from healthy plant

Light: Direct sunlight is suitable for its appropriate growth.



This plant has bold foliage in all the houseplants.

The yellow-red colored leaves with a green spot on them add beautiful looks to the bedroom.

It is best suited for children’s bedrooms because the color of this plant is yellowish; it represents the positive energy in the room, ideal for children.

Its botanical name is ‘Codiarum Variegatum.

Water: Replace the water every 8-10 days.

Cutting Size: 3-4 inches with at least 3-5 leaves

Light: Direct sunlight is suitable for its appropriate growth.

Pro Tip: It may not grow continuously in the water; cuttings shall be rooted into soil for better results.

Hope you like the article, I know this is not a complete list of plants to grow in water. Feel free to experiment with other plants as well and share your experience with others in the comment section.



Hi there! By profession I am a Mechanical Engineer; though, I have a keen interest in gardens, plants and succulents. I hope you like my articles on beautiful succulents and plants. Happy  Gardening!!!

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