landscaping ideas for front of house

40+ Simple Landscaping Ideas for House Front Yard [Beginner]

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

When people approach my home, I want them to feel welcome. Little touches like plants and flowers in front of my home, help to make my place feel more inviting. So I was looking for simple landscaping ideas for the front yard of the house.

I love the creativity people have. I saw many creative front yards and really amazed by the ideas people are using for landscaping the front area of their house.

You will feel pleased by seeing combinations of fences and large block stones, colorful rock arrangements, beautiful flower arrangements with fancy sculptures, grass blocks, bricks, fountains, and walkways, etc. The list is unlimited because here creativity is unlimited.

But before jumping to the front yard landscaping ideas I must say you should do effective planning and design for your landscaping of the front yard. Because without thoughtful planning, you won’t be pleased to see the final product.

Before you begin, close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are having coffee on your front porch, now tell me what you see in your front yard. Are you seeing a large front yard or a smaller one? Do you see any specific color theme or any rock texture, or do you want a bold one or just a formal front yard?

Hence to sum up this just try to decide gardening statement such as whether you want a flowered front yard or just a formal front yard, depending on what you want start to visit gardens, read more about gardening design books, start to take a note.

You just need to become more garden savvy if you want a great landscaping design.

So based on what you saw in your imagination, what you experienced in your gardening tours, and notes that were taken while reading gardening books, start to diagram it on paper. Don’t just finalize everything right now, I have listed 43 unique and simple front yard landscaping ideas for you. Just get some inspiration from there, do mix and match with your diagram, and I am sure the final result will amaze you.

40+ Simple Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard

Here are the few front yard landscaping ideas on a budget you can get inspiration from,

front yard ideas

Obviously, this front yard design is for a large area. I always like bigger front yards, because they give us opportunities to experiment more. You can experiment with color, textures, various arrangements, plants and options are multiple. When we closely look into the above picture then they added a sitting area, a beautiful pathway following plants, and the most beautiful part of this house is their front gate and white colors brick fence. I really like this type of front yard design idea where I can have my coffee as well as I can walk with my naked foot in the morning.

Image Source: @mtarchitecture

front yard design

I really like the way they design the pathway in this image. Along with that, the lamp on the pillar adds to the beauty of the pathway. In addition to their wooden front porch, the plants they have added along with lovely sitting furniture give a very good view of the house. I love the overall color variations from home to their front yard landscape. I hope this image is inspiring you with your design diagram.

Image Source: Instagram

simple front yard

I would really like to say that the pathways look very nice in green color. You can see it in any image. Therefore, while designing pathways, it is necessary to do a little thoughtful planning. Plan according to your garden statement and area and you can get some inspiration from this post. Other than that I really liked the square shape pathway and the accompanying grass carpet in this design. We can add more flower plants for interest in such type of formal landscaping front yard design.

Image Source: Instagram

small front yard design

You may be wondering why I added this image but I really like this design for those who have very little space for the front yard and still want to do a little gardening experiment. As shown in the image you can make such beds according to your available space and add different flower plants or succulents. I also find the vines on the walls of the house are very appealing.

So this is a very simple and budget landscaping front yard design that you should definitely try

Image Source: @jimcharlier

colourful front yard design ideas

Many ask question on How do landscape the front of a house? This landscaping front yard idea is a great choice if your front yard is small because you can see in the image above how they maintained beatiful garden in small place. It has a very nice fresh and green look. I imagine this house in the rain, it’s like a beautiful dream.

Image Source: @jimcharlier

small colorful front yard design

What looks good in front of house? In this front yard, I am love with those red and yellow flowers which are following simple pathway. Here you can design anykind of pathway as per you choises and need. Also hanging flower plant in the front porch is also giving value to the front porch. So this is full of color variation front yard idea you should definatly give a try if you are flower lover.

Image Source: @jimcharlier

Fountain front yard design

This one is backyard design originaly but I will really suggest this for front yard also. There are no limitation on specific design for specific location. You can add anything as per your choises and imaginations. I love the fountain design here you can try other designs also as per your choises.

colorful front yard idea

This is full of flowering plants and green vines. Also this entire house is covered with vines. What you say about this landscaping idea?

Image Source: @chaletlandscape

front yard design

This is very simple and formal front yard design with beautiful vine trellies. You should try garden trellies to give a very authentic look to your front yard. Get inpiration form above image.

Image Source: Instagram 

house front yard

How can I landscape my front yard for cheap? I have taken this image here in this because I want to show you this beautiful and unique pathway here. Its completely different from we have saw before in this list. If you like this ideas of pathway then you should definatly give a try with real grass carpet.

Image Source: Instagram

I hope you are still here with me. Hold on your petience because there are still more ideas are waiting for you but you want to explore more garden ideas just check out below links,

You may love this:

home front yard

Here we see Katsura trees along the front, they are full of little leaves that are shaped like hearts. Then a hedge of boxwood along the road. Defining the front patio from the grass are some globe cedars. You can try ornamental grass for shades.

Source: Instagram

unique front yard design

This unique front porch ideas is most welcoming. If you have small front area then give a try with this design.

Image Source: Instagram

front yard design with stone

Little touches like steps following stone arrangement and side lamps help to make our place feel more inviting.

Image Source: Instagram

front yard porch design

I love a home with evergreens in the front yard. There will be greenery all year long. Lets have look on other example of landscaping ideas for front of house:

front yard design

Image Source: @riverbrookconstruction

front porch design

Image Source: Instagram

colorful front door idea

Image Source: Instagram

colorful front porch design

Image Source: Instagram

colorful front porch design idea

Image Source: Instagram

simple landscaping ideas

Image Source: Instagram

simple landscaping flower design

Image Source: Instagram

simple landscaping flower ideas

Image Source: Instagram

unique landscaping flower ideas

Image Source: Instagram

unique landscaping flower ideas (1)

Image Source: Instagram

steps in garden ideas

Image Source: Instagram

pathways in garden ideas

Image Source: Instagram

pathways in garden ideas

Image Source: @eriebroslandscaping

flower front porch ideas

Image Source: Instagram

simple landscape design

Image Source:Instagram

landscaping ideas for small front yards

If you have a any plan regarding landscaping of front yard, I hope you’ve been inspired by these landscaping ideas for front of house. Try this ideas with your imginations and design accordinging, I am sure end result will amaze you.


I am the creator and editor of The Starving Foster, I created this blog to post my gardening experience, work and free resources that I hope others will find interesting and helpful. Happy Gardening!

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