How to Plant Water Wisteria

Water Wisteria Aquarium plant Propagation & Care 2021

Water Wisteria Propagation & Careit’s easy

I am considering you as a proud owner of an aquarium. If you want to complement your aquarium with some beautiful species, it would be a great idea to read this article in depth and know about water wisteria aquarium plant.

Water Wisteria for sure an ideal choice for your aquarium tank makeover and I will tell you why and How to propagate and care Water Wisteria?

Water wisteria aquatic plant is also known as Hygrophila difformis . Water Wisteria Propagation and maintenance is easy and it have an ability to grow rapidly.

Here is brief on How to Propagate & Care Water Wisteria? Water wisteria provides tremendous benefits to your tank and one of them are water cleaning, therefore this is my favorite plant for tank. It mainly found in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

Many tank owner have complaint on water wisteria that their water wisteria is not growing and whether they should use floating water wisteria or carpet water wisteria.

But not to worry about it, I have all the must need factors on water wisteria aquarium plant in this guide. lets jump on different ways of water wisteria propagation.

water wisteria plant

How to propagate Water Wisteria Aquarium Plant?

The propagation of water wisteria is very effortless; moreover, it can grow into an entire new plant from just a single leaf.

The rainy season is an appropriate time of year for faster growth, then it can cultivate normally in shallow water.

Water Wisteria can root into the substrate and also float on water which you can probably see in any old water tank or at the riverside.

If you want to grow healthy water wisteria, make sure you are planting it in the right way by following suitable guidelines:

Planting water wisteria is a considerably smooth task; rooting it into substrate like any other plant. While rooting into a substrate, make sure to keep 4” to 5” inches of gap between stems in order to get enough light which will eventually beneficial for its overall growth.

Another way to plant water wisteria is Water wisteria carpet

Instead of planting stem vertically, you can lay them on their side; however, don’t bury leaves to create water wisteria carpet.

One more way to plant water wisteria is Floating Wisteria.

Floating Wisteria provides a unique look to the aquarium tank, but I personally don’t recommend it. If you like to see floating wisteria into your tank, then you should defiantly go for it.

Easy enough right?

Water wisteria planting

Now let me tell you how to take care of water wisteria.

Water Wisteria Plant Care Guidelines (Easy)

Taking care of water wisteria is very simple because they are extremely durable and robust, so anyone can take care of it.

Below are a few requirements for healthy water wisteria growing:

  1. Water Temperature              : 72°F – 82°F (22° – 28° C)
  2. pH level                                   : 6.5 – 7.5
  3. Lighting                                   : Moderate
  4. Tank                                         :10 Gallons Recommended.
  5. Water condition                     :6.7-7.5ph (Soft to moderately hard)
  6. Aquarium placement            : Background, foreground when properly modified
  7. Care                                          : Easy

From above you can see water wisteria can easily grow into higher or lower lightning, but its basic need is the rich substrate. Therefore, choosing the right substrate for water wisteria plays a significant role.

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of best quality substrates are available in the market, and most of them are specially designed for aquarium water tanks.

Why I don’t recommend growing water wisteria in small tanks?

The water wisteria has a high growth rate. Owing to this reason, it is very difficult to maintain in tiny aquariums as it spread extensively.

If you want to grow water wisteria in a small tank, then you need to set some extra care in order to maintain it correctly.

The frequent trimming of the plant is an ideal solution, resulting in its dark green color which will add an extremely beautiful view to your small tank.

Also, you need to take care of the space between two stems while growing the plant.

The best suitable lighting conditions will definitely add some extra life as well as growth potential to it. The ideal gap among the stems should be 1” to 2” inches during its whole life cycle.

How long does water wisteria plant take to grow?

It’s lightning fast!

Water Wisteria aquarium plant takes at least a week before you start seeing actual growth. Though, once it shoots head up, it will grow so rapidly and flourish the aquarium like a beautiful marine depth.


The propagation of water wisteria is quite effortless as comparatively other aquatic plants. Below are step by step points to propagate:

  1. The best way to propagate is by plant cutting.
  2. Firstly, choose a healthy plant for cutting.
  3. Cut 4 to 5 inches stem with leaves.
  4. Bury it where you want.


The water wisteria is a favorite plant of fish where they love to hide and play for a prolonged time. I just love to see them playing, they look so adorable.

The most promising thing about water wisteria is the compatibility, where all kinds of fishes love to spend time around it.

Though, very rarely some types of fishes eat water wisterias such as Goldfish and Rainbow fish.

On the other hand, small fishes such as shrimp or snails don’t eat plants, so it is convenient to keep them in an aquarium.

Moreover, the leaves of the plant might be destroyed by the big fishes; big enough tanks for big fishes can resolve this problem partially.

FAQ on Water Wisteria Plant

Why my water wisteria not growing?

Is you Water Wisteria aquarium plant getting enough light because water wisteria will perform great if you giving them enough light. Planting it in the bottom material actually covers all but the top leaves.

Also fresh and pure water is important for both plant and fish. Because plant needs minerals which they get from water.

Use good fertilizer if you don’t keep many fish.

Is water wisteria plant easy to grow?

Big Yes. With proper care it’s very easy to grow water wisteria. Read above blog.

Can we grow water wisteria from seed?

Yes. You can grow water wisteria from seed. Before purchasing seed from any brand make sure the quality of seed. Do some research. Read reviews.

How to make water wisteria plant bushy?

To get bushy look of water wisteria you need to Trim it and it converts stem to branch because most stem plants will often sprout two apical meristems from the node below the cut. After few days you will see bushy looks of plant.

Is water wisteria a low light plant?

Water wisteria perform better in low to moderate light.



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