Echeveria Elegans Succulents

Echeveria Elegans-All You Need to Know [Guide]

Echeveria Elegans Succulents

Who doesn’t like roses? They are so beautiful, and it’s widely used by many people to express their gratitude and love to their partner or friend.

The Echeveria Elegans is a type of succulent which exactly looks like a rose but green in color.

This article will illustrate everything about Echeveria Elegans succulents and, I am sure you will gain adequate information about these beautiful succulents, its cultivation methods, procedures, basic requirements and some valuable resources.

The Echeveria Elegans succulents are also called Mexican snow ballMexican gem or white Mexican rose. It is a species of ‘Flowering plant’ and it comes from the family of ‘Crassulanceae’.

How to propagate Echeveria Elegans Succulents
How to propagate Echeveria Elegans Succulents?

How to Propagate Echeveria Elegans Succulents?

The Echeveria Elegans can be cultivated by using a single leaf. It’s extremely simple and easy.

Firstly, in order to propagate Echeveria Elegans, choose a healthy and sturdy leaf.Then remove it from the main plant by gradually winding the leaf from the stem.

Make sure you are twisting all the leaves from that particular stem.

Secondly, after extracting the leaves from the plant allow it to callous over for a number of days.

Now, Leaves are ready to lay on well-draining soil. If the soil has dried out completely, water it whenever necessary.

The mother-leaf will start to weaken, when the roots and a rosette pops out. This will result in a new healthy impulsive plant.


During extraction phase, if you get a part of stem along with leaf is also fine. It will partially help while sprouting a mother-leaf into a beautiful plant.

Congratulation you have completed 70% of the Echeveria Elegans plantation mission.

Where to plant Echeveria Elegans succulent?
Where to plant Echeveria Elegans succulent?

Where to Plant Echeveria Elegans Succulent?

The cultivation of Echeveria Elegans is very simple and easy: however, choosing an appropriate place is equally important.

The zones where temperature generally ranges less than 20 F (-6.7 degree C); it would be better to plant them indoor in containers. You can use a different variety of containers; personally, I use designer containers which look so beautiful with succulents. It will certainly set a beautiful look to your bedroom, gallery, kitchen and living hall.

If you want to plant in your garden though, make sure the area in your garden gets enough sunlight at least for 6 hours throughout a day.

If you are cultivating indoor, it’s important that it gets enough sunlight for plant nurturing.


The sunlight plays a vital role all through sprouting phase and nurturing of the Echeveria Elegans plant. Feed the plant with enough sunlight, the results will definitely set a smile on your face.

How to Care Echeveria Elegans?

Taking care of These Succulent is relatively stress-free. Follow subsequent easy steps and you are done:

Light Requirement

  • Indoor Plantation: at least 2 to 3 hours of sunlight daily.
  • Outdoor Plantation: 6 hours of sunlight is more than enough

Temperature Requirement

The temperature range from 20 degree F to 100 degree F is suitable for Echeveria. 

Though, the temperature requirement may vary according to varieties and species of the plants.

Most Echeveria succulent plants will survive in a fairly warm, dry (not humid) climate. The temperature difference between day and night should not be more than 15 degree C (59 degree F).

Soil and Pot

A well-draining soil is one of the most suitable soil conditions for Echeveria.

Moreover, a vital factor is the pot selection, where the plant finds home to them. The pot or container with holes will facilitate an easier way to drain the unnecessary water.

Nowadays, a designer container comes with such holes, which aid both looks and practical water draining functionality.


The Echeveria Elegans has typical watering requirements; it’s best to use the “Soak and Dry” method and allow the soil to dry out completely between watering sessions.

The most succulents grow best by ‘Soak and Dry’ watering practices. The Echeveria Elegans is no exception.

In this method, soak the soil properly then allow it to dry completely. That means watering succulents not take so many efforts such as normal other garden plants.

If you follow watering practices same as other plants in your garden, then any species of succulents may not survive!

That doesn’t mean you can completely ignore them; adapting correct watering methods set ultimate results which will compliment your home décor and gardening practices.

Quick Summary

  • Full sun to partial shade.
  • Typical watering needs for a succulent.
  • Plant grows up to 8″ (20 cm) tall.
  • Plant grows up to 12″ (30.5 cm) wide.
  • Minimum 20° F | -6.7° C to 100° F | 38° C
  • Not cold hardy.
  • Propagation by offsets and leaves.
  • Generally non-toxic to humans and animals.
  • Winter Dormant.
  • Also available from Leaf&Clay and Etsy.


Hi there! By profession I am a Mechanical Engineer; though, I have a keen interest in gardens, plants and succulents. I hope you like my articles on beautiful succulents and plants. Happy  Gardening!!!

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