the starving foster

Rajvardhan Patil

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for being joining The Starving Foster ; we really appreciate your tremendous support.

The idea of Page – Garden  start shaping our minds when we came across some beautiful succulents from the cactus family during our recent trip.

The Page – Aquarium  has a special place in our hearts because everybody loves beautiful friendly fishes and aquatic plants; we are no exception.

All the succulents and aquatic plants are so fascinating and beautiful.

More we are learning each day; more we are understanding these plants and its real reasons why these beautiful species of plants are blooming on mother earth.

If you want to compliment your garden and home decor to a new level; I am sure you will definitely love our Pages – Garden and Aquarium.

We encourage you to check our latest updates on Aquarium, succulent plants and essential basic requirements such as temperature – light requirements, soil types, watering practices and many more in detail on our website.

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Thanking you.