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9 Easy Flowering Houseplants USA 2021

Easy Care Flowering Houseplants

Having Beautiful, Colorful, Sweet Scented and most importantly Easy Flowering Houseplants is actually one of many peoples or you can say every gardener’s favorite thing.

Do you know?

Keeping flowering and colorful houseplants such as are listed below in your house, where you sleep, study, or spent most of the time throughout the day improves mood and boost overall health which leads to an increase in goal achievement.

Those tiny colorful flowers in your leaving room or bedroom can touch your heart when you woke up, they can put a smile on your face when you are stressed out or simply they can boost your mood with their sweet-scented aroma and I know you want that fresh area in your house.

Let’s check it out most beautiful and must have easy flowering houseplants you can consider if you are planning to décor your house:  

9 Easy Flowering Houseplants:

1. Cyclamen

easy care flowering plant

Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) species are small sweet-scented and easy-care flowering houseplants native to Europe. They have medium green heart-shaped leaves with silver marbling. Its flowers come in many beautiful shades such are pink, purple, red, and white.

This is basically a winter plant. If you want to propagate from seeds, then plant seeds in late summer. It will take a minimum of 18 months to bloom after seed plantation but it depends on the species.

For example, Cyclamen persicum and Cyclamen Coum blooms in winter and Cyclamen Repandum blooms in spring.

In winter give them bright but indirect light. In summer, plants become dormant so it’s advised to place them in a cool area with proper air circulation.

Cyclamen prefers well-draining, rich, and slightly acidic soil ph. But if you are using pot then you can use regular soil mix, add sphagnum peat into the soil to enhance acidic ph.

2. Clivia

indoor plants with flowers

Just look at the beautiful color of the Clivia flower which varies from pale orange to red. Clivia is most considered easy indoor flowering houseplants and you can place them in your leaving room as well as bedrooms.

Clivia plants are native to South Africa and they can grow as an outdoor plant in the garden (Direct Soil), containers, but they need to place into shades because clivia needs bright and indirect sunlight.


Caring for Clovia is very simple that doesn’t mean you neglect them. Plant them in well-draining soil and kept the soil moist but watering allows the soil to dry.

Don’t water them frequently, instead of water them when the clivia plant-soil gets dried out partially.

Fertilize them once a month after the plant has bloomed (from April to August).

3. African Violet (Saintpaulia)

top flowering houseplants

Bright and Cheerful Violet bloom of African Violet defiantly can boost your mood and put a smile on your face.  This is the world’s most famous easy flowering houseplants because of its low growing nature and gives flowers several times a year.

African Violet needs proper care to grow and bloom. They need bright but indirect sunlight. Place them in well-draining soil where keep soil moist but avoid overwatering which can lead to the death of the plant.

Fertilize them every other week.

Propagation of African Violet is easy.  You can easily propagate them from leaf-cutting or from offsets. Mother plants produce small plants from the sides. Simply remove them and plant them in another pot.

Maintain warm and humid conditions and try to avoid water touching to leaves otherwise it causes brown spots on leaves.

To grow healthy plants, make sure you are removing dead flowers and leaves as soon as you notice. Just try to balance every factor for the healthy growth of African Violet such are Soil, Watering, Light, and Plant feeding then the result will always give you the most beautiful bloom.

4. Christmas cactus

indoor flowers for beginners

This is a very popular and stunning easy flowering houseplant. Christmas Cactus produce beautiful tubular pink, red, white, yellow, or purple flowers and they take a long bloom time to raise themselves into a wonderful houseplant. Christmas Cactus blooms in the holiday season as their name suggests.

They have very beautiful glossy green, flat hanging branches which can grow up to 3-4 feet long.

Christmas cactus need moderate to some direct sunlight (avoid too much direct sunlight which results in dying sensitive leaves) so keep them to the east-facing window.

Use well-draining soil rich in humus and other nutrition.

Water them once every 2-3 weeks or only when soil is completely dry. I would definitely suggest following the ‘Soak and Dry’ watering method.

5.Phalaenopsis Orchid

flowering plant

This is a beginner-friendly and the easiest orchid from thousands of orchid species which one can consider for indoor flowering plantation. Its easy-going nature and long-lasting flowers make this orchid the most popular plant.

Phalaenopsis perform best in bright and indirect sunlight otherwise direct sunlight causes scorching of leaves.

Instead of normal soil, they need potting mixes such as cocoplum, sphagnum moss.

During the growing season, water the phalaenopsis orchid plant once 1-2 weeks.

6. Anthurium (Lace leaf)

flowering plant garden

Anthurium is the most beautiful indoor flowering plant one can have in-home. Look at its red-heart-shaped flowers indicating love in the image which makes this plant the most beautiful and satisfying plant.

Anthurium is a great air purifier and its heart-shaped bloom and deep green leaves can add an amazing environment to your home.

Anthurium also called Flamingo Lily or Lace leaf needs bright and indirect sunlight.

Use well-draining soil to plant anthurium. You can use Orchid Soil mix for anthurium.

Do not dry out soil completely, soil should keep moist.

7. Crown of Thorns

best flowering houseplant

Crown of Thorns is succulent and one of the best flowering houseplants one can have for indoor gardening.

This pretty succulent plant blooms for a year, and if you combine them with a glossy & beautifully colored pot, it will truly create an amazing environment in your leaving room or bedroom.

They have green leaves and you can have any colored bloom as they have insignificant green center and are surrounded by bract which looks like petals. Those showy brats come in a variety of colors such as red, orange, pink, yellow, and white.

Crown of Thorns also called Christ Plant need bright and at least 3-4 hr of direct sunlight.

Crown of thorn succulents need well-draining soil mix and water them when the soil gets dry.

8. Bromeliad

beautiful houseplant

Bromeliad is one of the easy flowering indoor plants and its colorful appearance will bring a dash of luxury to any area of your home.

Bromeliad is a very easy to grow and low maintenance plant you can choose for your indoor décor.

Give them medium to bright light.

Bromeliad needs fast-draining soil which can hold moisture. Consider low soil mix such as orchid soil mix, sphagnum moss, a blend of bark, etc. also they don’t need a deep pot, they can perform well into shallow pots.

9. Poinsettia

indoor houseplant care

The Poinsettia plant is honored as the UK’s number one and most popular Christmas houseplant. Poinsettia plant has green leaves with red bracts which look-alike red flowers, and those bracts consist of tiny yellow flowers at their center.

Pair poinsettia with a classy high-quality colorful pot, it will surely set a brand-new look to your home.

Poinsettia needs direct sunlight as they are tropical. If you place them in a sunny window where they will get full sun, their growth will significantly improve.

Use well-draining peat soil for poinsettia.

Do not overwater poinsettia; water the plant when the soil dries out.

Hope you like this article and my sort of flowering houseplants which I personally like to keep with me in my house. I am already experiencing an improved & amazing environment at my home with these plants and I want you to experience it in the same way. Try a few from above and share your experience in the comment box.

Happy Gardening!



I am the creator and editor of The Starving Foster, I created this blog to post my gardening experience, work and free resources that I hope others will find interesting and helpful. Happy Gardening!

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