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25 Creative Succulent Arrangements Ideas with Care Guide

Looking for best & creative Succulent Arrangements ideas? You are in the right place because I have listed most interesting top 35 succulent organization ideas which help you to make beautiful succulent arrangements.

But here I have not only listed arrangement ideas of the succulent garden but also we will discuss which succulents can be planted together in an arrangement, how to take care of succulent plants in arrangement, water needs, and other necessary tips for successful succulent arrangement.

From rainbow arrangement to pink succulent arrangement, pot arrangements to glass arrangements, my selection will inspire you to recreate your own beautiful succulent jungle.

Succulent Arrangements Design Considerations

Succulents are originally beautiful spices in nature, in which we are further enhancing their beauty by arranging succulents creatively.

I have seen a lot of creative, easy, and unique succulent arrangements, and am really amazed by the ideas people are using for enhancing their homes with succulent plants.

However, before jumping to the succulent arrangements ideas I must say you should do effective planning and need to follow some design considerations. Because without careful planning, you won’t be pleased to see the final product.

Before you start, close your eyes for a moment and imagine your succulent arrangement, now tell me what you saw? Are you seeing a large succulent container? Do you see any specific color theme or any texture, or do you want a bold one or just a formal one?

So based on what you saw in your imagination, start creating planning but just don’t finalize anything right now. I have listed 43 unique and simple succulent arrangements ideas for you. Just get some inspiration from there, do mix and match with your imagination, and I am sure the final result will amaze you.

Which Succulents can be Planted Together?

So before creating succulent arrangements one question obviously comes to one’s mind that which succulents can be planted together? And what are their selection criteria?

There are so many succulents and every succulent growth and care need is different, so when we are arranging them together then we need to consider these things. Let’s discuss a few of them,

  1. Growth need: Combine those succulents who have similar growing needs. Hence it will be easier to us to maintain its care routine. For example, consider those succulents whose water needs are similar or temperature, soil, growing seasons, and light needs are similar. Some winter dormant succulent are Agave, Echeveria, and Sempervivum, etc and a few summers dormant succulents are Aeonium, kalanchoe, Aloe and Graptopetalum, etc
  2. Height: To make arrangements for a succulent thriller, filler, and spiller we should consider their height as well as color with their basic growth needs. To give a thriller look just add tall succulents, to give a filler look use small succulents, they give a cute appearance, and to give a spiller look use trailing succulents.
  3. Color: Color consideration is the most key consideration while creating succulent arrangements. You should finalize if you want a specific color theme before arranging succulents. Otherwise, end result will not give you that appearance you were expecting. There are three basic color themes of succulent arrangements: monochromatic arrangement (All same color succulents), analogous arrangements(colors sitting next to each other in the color wheel), and complementary succulent arrangements (colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel)

Succulent Arrangements Care Tips

Caring for single planted succulent plants is easy because we can take care of individual plants according to its need but when we are talking about groups of the different succulent plants then, we need to take extra efforts so our masterpiece will survive for a longer time. That is the main reason we discussed which succulents can be planted together. Below are a few points we should consider while taking care of succulent arrangements:

  • Watering: Here use the soak and dry method. Only water your succulent arrangements when the soil in the planter becomes dry. Try to avoid overwatering and underwatering.
  • Light Requirement: It totally depends on which succulent you have combined together in an arrangement. Otherwise, most succulents need at least 8 hr of indirect sunlight and 4 hr of morning sunlight.
  • Keep your succulent arrangement piece clean.

Be Creative with succulent arrangements:

Creativity comes from imagination. Let’s close your eyes for a minute and try to imagine your masterpiece. What color themes are you seeing, what kind of planter do you want for your arrangements, just try to draw your desired succulent arrangement in your imagination.

To get more ideas you can go to nearer gardeners, nurseries to get inspiration. Once you are done with all this homework try to make your masterpiece and be creative as much as possible.

 Creative Succulent Arrangements Ideas & Designs

1 . Succulent Wooden Box Arrangements Idea

Succulent wooden box arrangements

This wooden box succulent arrangements idea is very simple and you can easily DIY at home by using old trash boxes or any wooden objects to create succulent arrangements. Just make sure those wooden boxes have a proper drainage system. This type of planters can be decored in any way and also you can hang them.

2 . Colorful Shady Succulent Plant Idea

Succulent colorful group plants

I love love this fresh shady succulent grouping combinations shown in the above picture. Here the way they gave color and size variation is really fabulous. Make sure to try this arrangement as it will look great in your outdoor garden or keep it to the front porch of the home to create a more welcoming entrance.

You may love this:

3. Heart Shape Succulent Arrangements

Heart Shape Succulent Arrangements

This type of Heart Shape Succulent Arrangements can be easily DIY if you combine big succulents with smaller which works as a filler. You can create any shape and use any container shape also. Try to give variations with different color rocks as shown in the above image.

4 . Big Succulent Arrangements Ideas

Big Succulent Arrangements Ideas

Image Source: @jardimharmonie

5 . Small Succulent Arrangements Design

small Succulent Arrangements design

6 Basket Shape Succulent Design

Basket shape Succulent design

Image Source: @tikuplant

7 . jellyfish shape Succulent design ideas

jellyfish shape Succulent design ideas

8. Hanging Jellyfish succulent arrangements

Hanging Jellyfish succulent arrangements

9. succulent arrangement on outdoor tree


succulent arrangement on outdoor tree

10. terrarium succulent arrangement ideas

terrarium succulent arrangement ideas

11. succulent plant cart

succulent plant cart

12. the succulent plant kettle design

succulent plant kettle design

13. succulent plant nest arrangements

succulent plant nest arrangements

14. succulent plant teacup arrangements

succulent plant tea cup arrangements

15 . Succulent Plant Arrangement Ideas

succulent plant arrangements

Image Source: @maria_picaflor

16. succulent plant trailing pot

succulent plant trailing pot

Image Sources: @hane.tasarim

17. Succulent Cute Pot Ideas

succulent plant cute pot idea

18. succulent plant cute planters

succulent plant cute planters

19. succulent design arrangements with cute planters

succulent design arrangements with cute planters

Image Source: @rosies_creations2020

20. succulent arrangements with cute planters

succulent arrangements with cute planters

Image Source: @rosies_creations2020

21 succulent filler arrangements with planters

succulent filler arrangements with planters

Image Sources: @hane.tasarim

22 succulent filler arrangements in glass

succulent filler arrangements in glass

Image Sources: @hane.tasarim

23 succulent design with glass & rock

succulent design with glass & rock

Image Sources: @hane.tasarim

24 Sea Shell Tiny Succulent arrangements:

Sea Shell Planter tiny succulent

25 tiny succulent rock arrangements

tiny succulent rock arrangements

Image Source: @mjsucculents

So if your mind is now up to creating unique succulent arrangements, I hope you’ve been inspired by this blog. Try these ideas with your imaginations and design accordingly, I am sure the end result will amaze you.

I believe you will create a great masterpiece but the gardening design takes time, dedication, and a whole lot of thoughtful planning. Just have patience and enjoy the gardening from the heart.


I am the creator and editor of The Starving Foster, I created this blog to post my gardening experience, work and free resources that I hope others will find interesting and helpful. Happy Gardening!

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